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Advising and assisting clients, particularly in view of strategic operations and contractual negotiations, are a part of FLP Avocats’s principal activities. Thanks to the flexibility of its structure and its lawyers’ dedication and experience, FLP Avocats can offer clients relevant, tailor-made services that respond to companies’ needs. We deem it essential to be available, reactive and to strictly respect budgetary guidelines. 


The practice of litigation, one of lawyers’ traditional tasks, helps enrich reflections and strategies devised during the advising period. Before starting judicial proceedings, it is essential to analyze risks, assess costs and evaluate the appropriateness of alternative dispute resolution techniques.
We intervene in cases throughout France in general jurisdiction courts such as commercial courts, small claims courts, first instance courts, administrative courts and courts of appeal, as well as in specialized jurisdiction courts, including labor courts, social security courts, enforcement judges, criminal courts, etc.
FLP Avocats also represents and assists clients in cases involving administration, administrative authorities and bodies vested with judicial powers.

Legal outsourcing

What is it about?
Many SMEs do not have an internal legal department whose jurists have enough experience and knowledge to answer the daily legal questions that a company must face. In order to meet this need and bring these SMEs the legal security and optimization that allows for a steady and lasting growth, FLP Avocats– thanks to the firm’s experience in flat-rate legal assistance– offers a truly reactive and budgeted outsourcing service.
All of the firm’s resources are made available to your company which pays a flat-rate each month via one designated contact person at our firm. This price can be adapted and changed as the need arises.
Drafting an employment contract, dismissal proceedings, common-consent termination, business offer audits, supplier’s contract optimization, management of clients’ disputes in order to avoid litigation, commercial lease negotiations… A manager and his or her employees cannot deal with these issues alone. However, they are often reluctant to ask for a legal professional’s help for lack of time or because they fear that the costs might be too high.
First of all, FLP Avocats and the client determine the monthly volume of hours corresponding to the client’s needs. Then FLP Avocats sends the client an advisory agreement proposal, including a monthly flat-rate offer.
Once the agreement has been accepted and signed, a meeting is organized at the client’s head office so that our lawyers can familiarize themselves with the client and the organization’s activities.
During the course of the advisory agreement’s enforcement, required advice and assistance are delivered by mail, email or telephone. A list of the tasks that have been accomplished details the time spent on each task in chronological order. At the end of a predefined period, an assessment of the time spent is made and, if necessary, the agreement is changed in order to more precisely reflect the service’s use.
In order to see a model agreement click on the following link: Advisory Agreement


Legal training is just as important as advising and litigation when it comes to securing the legal operations of a company. FLP Avocats’s partners have a long experience in legal training. Thus, they organize tailored sessions that respond to specific needs, and additional sessions that respond to recurrent company needs.
Among our other services, we have developed expertise in the training of employees who wish to acquire the legal knowledge and tools necessary for their daily activities.