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Negotiations for the American leader of the cable industry, related to the acquisition of the European leader’s branch of activity through a joint venture. Implementation of commercial agreements guaranteeing the durability of raw materials supply. Supply networks’ transfer through partial assets transfer and title assignments.
Buyer: Superior Essex – Seller: Nexans
Negotiations for a telecommunications infrastructure’s administrator of a shareholders’ agreement, a joint venture’s by-laws, services and contribution agreements, allowing two competing telephone service providers to assign infrastructures and allow a third party to operate them.
Negotiations for the acquisition of a company specialized in wood trade. Implementation of an agreement in which the target company supplies the assignor, thus allowing to guarantee the target company’s value.
Buyer: Groupe Saint Gobain – Seller : Groupe Kingfisher – Target : Dubois Matériaux.
Information systems outsourcing drafting for a service provider between a car manufacturer and its sales network.
Advising an airline company about compliance with block exemption regulations of code share stipulations in contracts concluded between air carriers.
Advising an insurance company as to compliance with French and European law of insurance products’ supply by a state organization.
Negotiations for a foreign electricity producer concerning the security interest over fissile material, requested by the company converting the material.
Negotiations for an investment fund concerning the acquisition of the stainless steel department of one of the world’s first steel manufacturers.
Shareholders’ agreement and operational plan drafting for EADS / BAE / Finmeccanica‘s missile activities’ integration into MBDA.
Negotiations for a lender bank about the group’s companies’ holding structure, whose assets were secured by an acquisition and securitization. Negotiation of the security interests granted by the targets in order to finance the acquisition. Lender bank: Morgan Stanley – Seller and Borrower: Thalès – Buyer: Deutsche Bank.
Acquisition negotiations for a listed company through an exchange of its own titles against those of a non-listed real-estate company. Negotiation of the guarantee of the value of shares given in the exchange. Buyer: Unibail – Seller: Bouygues – Target: Tanagra.
Negotiations for one of the principal French banks of the acquisition of a bank owned by the State in the Republic of Serbia Montenegro during its privatization.
Advising the shares auditor of Rexel’s takeover holding company regarding the bond issue needed in the context of LBO operations.
Separation of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu group’s advisory and auditing activities, in order to ensure compliance with French legislation concerning financial security, LBO by the managers and partners of the divided structure, financed by the 3i group.
Advising Musiwave’s founder for his participation’s assignment in Openwave.
Negotiations for the buyer of a company specialized in waste management’s entire capital with an earn-out clause and negotiation of the subsequent transaction concerning the earn-out. Buyer: CNIM – Seller: LAB Group – Target: LAB SA.
Advising a service provider during the negotiation of an outsourcing contract dealing with updating the IT system of a French multinational company during the transition to the year 2000.
Adaptation of the structure of an American company holding French hotel assets in order to list it on the US stock exchange and ensure compliance with the “REIT” legislation. Adaptation of a management contract allowing the transfer of hotel management outside of the client’s perimeter in order to comply with this legislation. Listed company that benefited from the restructuring: Strategic- Owner of the building: DIFA – Management company: Paris Hotel Management – Corporate name: Marriott.
Advising Starwood about the negotiation of the management contract for one of the group’s principal hotels.
Negotiations of the refinancing of a hotel group owned by an investment fund.
Negotiations for the buyer of a hotel group of the security interest related to the financing of the purchase of French hotels. Management of the team in charge of the security interest negotiation outside of France. Buyer: Nomura – Lenders: CIBC and Merrill Lynch – Target: Meridian hotels.